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ReSound LiveTM

I've gotten used to them really quickly and have lost count of the number of times I've worn them to bed. You simply forget you're wearing them.

Just like going from a set of stereo speakers to a fully customized surround sound system, ReSound Live™ delivers a unique surround sound experience.

With a greater sense of awareness—of being there—you'll enjoy fuller, richer and more detailed sound quality. You'll be able to locate where sounds are coming from more easily and enjoy conversations even in noisy environments.

Experience sounds the way they were meant to be heard. Sounds in full detail. Sounds in surround.

Surround Sound by ResoundTM At the core of ReSound Live is our exclusive surround sound processing platform. Just like a surround sound speaker system, it processes bas and treble separately providing a rich smooth-blended listening experience. You will benefit from:
  • Fantasic Sound quality
  • clearer understanding of speech and conversations in noisy situations
  • Improved awareness of surroundings
  • Enhanced ability to locate sounds
What you get What it does for you
Surround sound processor Hear a rich, vibrant surround sound world, everyday
AutoScope Directionality Enjoy conversation in a noisy restaurant
Natural Directionality Chat but still maintain awareness of surrounding sounds
Dual Stabiliser DFS with Whistle Control Talk on the telephone naturally and easily
Warp 17 with Extended bandwidth Delivers such a natural sounding listening experience, you could forget you're wearing hearing instruments
Environmental Optimizer Optimal and individual volume setting for any situation
Noise Tracker noise reduction Enjoy television at the same volume as your family and friends, regardless of other background noise like the dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.

The wide variety of ReSound Live hearing instrument models offers an unbeatable mix of invisibility and comfort on the ear with superior performance and flexibility.

ReSound Live available at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford ReSound Live available at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

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