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Apart from free and no obligation hearing tests, Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford also provide a wide range of hearing aids each set to your specific prescription. We also provide many other services to help preserve and refine your hearing.

Specialised Hearing Devices available at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

What Is Tinnitus?

From the Latin for 'ringing', tinnitus can best be defined as the conscious experience of noise with no apparent external source. The nature and intensity of tinnitus varies greatly from one sufferer to another, with the most commonly reported sounds being ringing and/or high-pitched whistling.

What can we do?

The modern management of tinnitus involves a number of components; identifying the effects, teaching and demystification, sound enrichment, instrumentation and retraining tactics - the objective being to banish the tinnitus to below the threshold of consciousness. Made to fit discreetly in or behind the ear, Puretone-Audimed white noise generators are a valuable asset in tinnitus retraining therapy. The white noise emitted by these devices is used as a stimulus for the noise receptors within the inner ear, thus helping to re-train the brain to manage the tinnitus effectively.

Our Tinnitus Technician is highly experienced, So if you think you may be suffering from tinnitus Call us now on 01233 640069 and book a Free appointment.

Tinnitus management at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

Tinnitus affects 4.7 million people in the UK

Custom & Standard Presenter Earmoulds at DHS

presenters earmoulds allows the user to have sound inputted into their ear comfortably & discreetly.

Custom Presenters Earmould These range of low profile earpieces utilise a tube to deliver sound from an audio receiver directly into the ear. The audio receiver is coupled onto the end of the tube and is positioned away from the ear. Custom made from an exact impression of the user's ear to ensure maximum comfort and an exact fit

Puretone custom earmoulds are used are used by many famous presenters including some form Sky News and BBC TV. We have a wide range of custom presenter earpeices at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

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Presenter Earpieces at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

CENS - Custom Electronic Noise Surpresors

The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life, and that's a fact!

Until now, the options were a pair of ear defenders, which can be heavy, uncomfortable and get in the way of the gun mount; or passive earplugs, which cause a horrible sense of sound isolation.

With CENS digital, you can have the benefits of an ultra lightweight and unobtrusive earplug, combined with excellent noise suppression while still hearing absolutely everything going on around you.

Ear protection at Dependable Hearing Solutions Ashford

Catamaran Swimming Plugs

Manufactured in a variety of colours to the exact shape of the ear and are developed from a strong and durable silicone material which floats in water.

All Catamaran Swim Plugs come with convenient recessed handles and removable cords are also an option. Swim plugs can be purchased in a variety of bright colours, making them easy to find if they are dropped.

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