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Hearing aids have changed a lot. How they look (they’re way smaller) and what they can do (they’re pretty smart) are very different than even a few years ago.

Speech has nowhere to hide.

Unitron Hearing Matters

Both sides working together

In nature, two ears must work together to truly know the direction of speech. In hearing instruments, the same principle applies. The only way for hearing instruments to reliably determine the direction of speech is to continuously work together to analyze the environment. Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro hearing instruments do this through binaural spatial processing.

Unitron Moxi

Detecting speech from all around

Binaural spatial processing is possible in next generation Pro hearing instruments because Era provides the power to determine the exact location of speech, whether it’s coming from the front, back, left or right.

Ultimate listening everywhere

Each Pro hearing instrument responds independently, taking action to provide an overall coordinated response that allows the patient to best hear the speech signal from any direction.

Binaural spatial processing is the technology behind SpeechZone™ 2, an amazing new feature in Moxi2 Pro and Quantum2 Pro hearing instruments.

An ultimate listening experience in all environments

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